Morgan’s Favourite Beard Styles!

Here at Morgan’s we love beards and moustaches! We are always inspired by the way different men grow and style their facial hair. From creative Goatees to the famous hipster Bandholz beard. We have gathered together our favourite beard and moustache styles which you may be familiar with already, or for the enthusiasts who may want to try something new.

Full Beard

A full beard is by far the most popular and preferred facial hair style among men, showing off maximum masculinity. A well-groomed full beard is stylish, healthy and more attractive as it accentuates a man’s features. The beard consists of facial hair starting from the top of the cheek bones down to the chin and neck, with a full moustache connected. The full beard will suit most face shapes and can be shaped into a variety of forms and differ in fullness.


The Bandholz beard is a newly-formed and very popular beard style that was created by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardband in 2011. The Bandholz beard features a long beard with a moustache connected to the beard. Unlike the Garibaldi, the beard does not stop at a certain length, it grows freely to whatever length you desire.


The Garibaldi beard style has a slight unkempt look and is a bit shorter than the Bandholz, thus trimming it once in a while is all that is needed. This beard style combines a moustache with a full beard that has a wide and rounded base at the bottom. Younger men are now starting to pull off this look, following the trend set by Irish Boxer, Conor McGregor.

Goatee/Extended Goatee

The Goatee and Extended Goatee are versatile beard styles that can look good on many faces. It conveys individuality and confidence and can be a trendy way for a man to show his style and personality. The Goatee is a combination of a moustache and beard around the chin area. The Extended Goatee in appearance, looks like a moustache connected to a beard but with no sideburns.