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There are many chemical factors which cause hair to become dry and damaged and lack shine – sun, heat styling, brushing, chlorine, colouring, pollution and lack of humidity which can all cause hair to end up dry and brittle. To help fight off these elements, use Morgan Oil! A deep conditioning hair treatment which gives a healthy shine and vitality to all hair types. Naturally hydrates, detangles, smooths, nourishes and repairs damaged hair. An essential part of your hair grooming kit.

Deep Conditioning
Contains Argan Oil
Rich in Vitamin E
Ideal for dry, brittle and frizzy hair
Contains no alcohol

For more information and tips on using Morgan’s products see our Grooming Tips Page.

Made with the highest quality ingredients and enriched with Argan Oil to deeply nourish and condition dry and brittle hair. Argan Oil provides antioxidants, essential fatty acids and is rich in Vitamin E, to help hydrate and soften hair by increasing the hair’s elasticity to restore shine and vitality. Morgan Oil has a unique formulation that will help eliminate frizz and is easily absorbed without residue. Only two drops of Morgan Oil are needed to control and add shine to dry, frizzy and damaged hair. Morgan Oil is great for nourishing hair to make it silky soft and manageable.

How to Use:
Apply a few drops daily through mid lengths to the ends of the hair.

Star Ingredients:
Argan Oil

For Best Results:
Use with Morgan’s Revitalising Shampoo and Morgan’s Conditioner.


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